kit (mizkit) wrote,

Dear Brain…

Memo from Brain: Hey! We’re only under contract for one book a year! This is starting to make us a little nervous! How about we CROWDFUND A NOVEL!? YEAH THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME MAN

Dear Brain:

In reply to your memo of the morning of 15/7/11, I would like to make the following observations:

1. Revisions on RAVEN CALLS (due 31 July)
2. completion of 6-8 more Old Races short stories (due 31 December)
3. completion of “Easy Pickings” (due, er, when we finish it)
4. completion of ElectriCity script (due, we hope, 31 December)
5. you have promised your oldest nephew a book for little boys (due 25 December)
6. Book 8 of the Walker Papers (due 1 April 2012)

When, dear Brain, the fuck do you think you’re going to write another novel?


Memo from Brain: We’d totally make time if somebody paid us & you know it.

Dear Brain: shut up.

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