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er. oops.

So I went back to the vintage shop to get the red leather coat for my friend E. I tried it on again at the shop, because she’d been concerned about the tightness of the arms, and I thought “Huh, not quite as tight as I’d thought, guess I mis-remembered, it’ll be great for E!” And I bought it.

When I got home I thought “I’ll exhale to the bottom of my soul so I can get the thing buttoned up and get a picture of it, anyway, because it’s a great coat!” And I untied the belt I hadn’t noticed at the back, and put it on, and, er, it fit perfectly. Apparently the belt had been tied *quite* tightly on Monday, and I simply hadn’t noticed it, and anyway, now the coat is too big for E but it fits me beautifully, so, um. Coat!

Red Leather Coat
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