kit (mizkit) wrote,

Science Fiction Social Club revisited

I appear to have this urge to actually try to, like, get the word out about a Science Fiction Social Club*, and am trying to figure out how best to do that. There’s apparently at least a small, perhaps dedicated, Steampunk scene in Dublin, and it seems like that would be a good place to reach out to, except I can’t find much of a focal point for them (the Ferocious Mingle Market may be the best place to start) (Or possibly standing on a street corner shouting “I know Cherie Priest!” would do it too…). Anime fans can be collected at the Forbidden Planet’s monthly anime gig. The local con-goers, well, we can get to them easily enough.

Other than that, it seems like putting up notifications at libraries would be clever. I’m trying to think where else. The movie theatres don’t have those kind of postboards (though the independents might, dunno). Probably *not* the writers’ centre, although I think perhaps an ideal Social Club thing would have a quarterly guest/speaker/thing that we could possibly use the writers’ centre as the venue for. Anyway, mostly thinking out loud here…

*Where all manner of fantasy, science fiction, comics, steampunk, and-what-have-you fans are welcome, but The Fantasy Science Fiction Comics Steampunk and What-Have-You Social Club makes for much too long a name, and while yes, I suppose one could have the Speculative Fiction Social Club, it’s not something I’m going to tout as a title because I think “speculative fiction” is a stupid umbrella name. All fiction is fricking speculative, or it wouldn’t be fiction.

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