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Transformers 3

Bearing in mind that I know perfectly well I’m getting what it says on the tin when I go into a Transformers movie, and therefore am generally okay with whatever I get, I’d say Dark of the Moon was distinctly better than Transformers 2, except it relegated the female lead to “object for hero to rescue” in a significantly worse way than the first two movies. Really, why not use a dog? It would cost less.

They do, however, earn loads of points for 1: actually getting Buzz Aldrin to play himself, and 2. at least three flagrant Star Trek references (Leonard Nimoy voices Sentinal Prime, see). And for those two things much is forgiven.

But seriously, a Michael Bay film about a kid trying to rescue his dog from evil alien robots would be considerably more exciting and heart-wrenching. Also, why *do* the Decepticons get all the good shit, and could someone please explain to me why on earth Shia LaBeouf attracts such phenomenally hot babes? Because…just no. Really. No.

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