kit (mizkit) wrote,


- get LIGHT ERRANT out of email onto the e-reader
- buy the new DKM book (oh look, the rest of his books are available too! now torn: do i buy all the CT books to refresh my memory before reading BIG BOOST?)
- figure out why the e-reader won’t read the adobe whatever file format like it’s supposed to install the new firmware once the battery’s charged. also look to see if we have an SD card of appropriate size.

- write review
- pack up books
- get box for last couple book sets to pack up
- citizenship paperwork
- send out the ORSSP to the new subscribers
- sign up for wfc in britain (when i get paid again)

- laundry
- firebomb my office
- and the bedroom
- and the computer room, for that matter
- try to find young indiana’s other shoe
- email about deirdre’s website hosting stuff

also, horribly:
- go through email & add fanmail addresses to the mailing list

If you believe you have subscribed to the Old Races Short Story Project and have not received the first three stories, please contact me (cemurphyauthor AT

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