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ElectriCity Update #4

Holy crap, I just finished the first ElectriCity script! That means we’re actually, y’know, like, approaching the exciting stuff!

Fred is off to Origins this week, so the editing passes won’t happen on it until early July, probably, but: I’m going to run it up the flagpole and send it to the artist we would dearly like to work with, just in case that can work out. If not, well, ArtistHunt 2011 is On.

I’ve been given a contact address at a sequential art school, so I will no doubt pursue that if our one fella is too busy (and he is, but I’m going to try anyway). There’s also digitalwebbing, which is where I found Ardian, and I’m hoping a come-hither line of “I can only pay a pittance but the first artist I discovered was Ardian Syaf” will carry some weight with potential illustrators. :)

It’s nearly impossible that I’d get that lucky twice–but on the other hand it turns out I’m *good* at artist hunts, and holy crap, this stage is going to be MOST FUN! *runs around like a squeeing headless chicken*!

–and actually, y’know, I’m pretty happy with the script. Fred’s gonna do an edit pass, as well as give it to a couple people who, as he says, aren’t invested in the storyline already, to see how they react (I’ll probably do the same, in fact), but overall I think I mostly hit the beats. There are a few places–well, there’s a section where the script itself says “We can accordian here if we get financing”–so there are definitely bits where I’d like to expand, but right now the script stands at 26 pages and at the top end of financing we’d be looking at 28 or 30 page chapters at the most, so not *lots* of room to extend as it is.

So! Well! Woot! :)

*And* there’s still ten days left in June. Well. 9, since my workday is pretty much over now. Next up: my bit on EASY PICKINGS.

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