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15 June 2011 @ 02:28 pm
ducks, meet row  

My window of opportunity for unadulterated work is nearly up, as my mother in law leaves on Saturday. In the three weeks she’s been here, though, I’ve revised a novel, written an Old Races short story and six Gryphon Beach stories, worked on a novella, developed a synopsis, and decided on what two projects I’m going to be writing synopses for.

And there’s still two weeks left in June. o.O

I have a bunch of small stuff I want to get finished before the month is out. I want to finish not just the ElectriCity synopsis but also the script for the first chapter. Between what I already have written, the stuff Fred’s roughed out, and the synopsis, that really shouldn’t take very long, so I think it’s do-able.

I need to do my chunk on EASY PICKINGS and get that back to Faith. We’re nearing 10K on it now, which is about the 1/3rd point, I think, so that’s going well. It’ll be a lot of fun to get that out there in the world sometime late this summer/early fall.

I would love to get one more Old Races story written. The one I just finished made it very clear to me that (just in case I doubted it) what these stories are doing is laying every bit of necessary groundwork for more Old Races novels. Please note that I have no intention at all of writing any more Old Races novels, not now, not in the immediate future, not even in the middle-length future, and possibly not in the long-term future. But if I ever do, hoo boy will the foundation be laid. This, however, is by far the least necessary of the pots a-boil, as I’ve got August’s story written and the next one’s not due until October, so that can simmer a while if I don’t get to it.

More important, then, is writing the two proposals I’ve decided on. Theoretically that shouldn’t be so difficult–some 10K for each of them, plus a synopsis, which together should be about two weeks’ worth if I can work straight through. But since Bev’s going home, I may not be quite so able to work through as I’d like. :) So what I should really be doing right now is finishing the ElectriCity synopsis, not writing blog posts.

thinks to do: (recap for my own benefit :))
- finish the ElectriCity synopsis write the first chapter script!
- my turn on easy pickings
- proposals for new series
- one more ORSSP story

And then there’s July’s plans, but I think I won’t think about them until July…

eta: i just looked at this whole post and thought “normal people don’t do things this way, do they…”

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Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Kate Kirbykirbyk on June 15th, 2011 01:47 pm (UTC)
My goodness, who is normal? Who would want to be?
pgwfolcpgwfolc on June 15th, 2011 02:14 pm (UTC)
Normal people are boring. They don't go to ComicCon. And they definitely don't write fiction for a living.

As for the Old Races... You don't have plans now. I understand that. But, well... actually, looking back, I see you said it better in your own tag for the entry. ;)

Whatever comes, I'll look forward to enjoying it.

BTW, I can't remember. Did you ever post a preview of Angles? Not recently. I've just been getting some deja vu reading about Katie and Albrich, and I can't tell if it's my memory playing tricks on me or if I'd actually read a few chapters some time back.
kitmizkit on June 15th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
Yes, there was a link for the first three chapters when I did the original revision commission post, so you probablydid read it :)
pgwfolcpgwfolc on June 15th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Ah, whew. Thanks. :)
mikaela_lmikaela_l on June 15th, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Normal don't exist. At least was that what they said on the radio a couple of years ago, and I am sticking to it :).