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Halfway through PHOENIX edits. Still nothing traumatizing. I'm enjoying this book. I said, as I usually do, in some astonishment, to Ted, "I think this is pretty good," and he, as usual, snorted at me and expressed Great Surprise, No, Really. (Sometimes, to be fair, I say I think maybe it's not all that good, and then he doesn't believe me. I'm so put-upon. I think.

Let's see, what do I know. I got an emailed interview request yesterday, so when that's posted I'll point people at it. That made me quite cheerful last night. And today's my Mom and Dad's anniversary! Happy anniversary to them. :)

And oh, hey, I found a couple local photography clubs (Cork-based, if not so local as Cobh-based) and I've emailed them to see if they meet regularly or whatnot, so *waves a little flag* go me. One small step for a Kit, one giant step for socializing. Or trying to, anyway. :)

Guess that's it. God, I'm boring.

miles to Mount Doom: 468

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