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I can’t help it. I just think Green Lantern looks like a great big shiny CGI flop. Maybe I’m wrong–probably I’m wrong–but that’s what I see when I watch the trailers.

We went to Pirates and to X-Men this weekend. By half an hour in I already thought Pirates was too long. It had its moments of charm, of course, but it could easily have been 45 minutes shorter.

X-Men, which I went in mildly indifferent to and Ted went in already hating, was quite delightful. Ted, afterward, muttered, “Dammit, I liked it.” :) A few comments and minor spoilers behind the cut…

First off, there’s a bit at the end where Magneto completely loses control of his accent. The first time I saw it I thought “Scottish?” and the second time “Northern Irish?” Turns out the guy’s Mom is from the North and his Dad is German, and he was raised in County Kerry. The German perhaps explains the almost-flawlessly-neutral Britishish accent he maintained through most of the film, but the North certainly explains the completely bolluxed lines. Now, why they didn’t redub them, that I don’t know, but it’s not the point, either. Anyway, besides that slip which caught me, mostly I thought: Damn. I can totally see this being the young man who grew into Ian McKellan’s Magneto. May I say again: Damn!

Emma Frost was very poorly cast. She had neither the physical beauty nor the emotional–dare I say psychic?–presence necessary for that character. She was just a dumb pretty blonde in white, which, meh.

But my only real complaint is that after seeing it twice, I’m pretty disappointed with how they did Hank. I mean, he was fine. The feet were great. Shoulda been his hands too, but nevermind that. I didn’t like him being all speedy instead of super strong, but they’d cast a (very cute) pencil-neck geek as Mrs. McCoy’s bouncing baby boy, and…well. Me, I wanted to see Hank McCoy, high school football hero, fast talker, walking dictionary, charming beyond his considerable words, and convinced his brains were a God-given gift and that his physique was his mutation. I got a cute pencil-neck geek instead. I also actively disliked the Beast version of him. I’d disliked the Kelsey Grammer Beast until I saw this one, basically, and now I wish they’d gone the Grammer route. So again meh, although he was *much better* than Emma, just not what I really wanted.

There were a bunch of good funny bits, but they get into proper spoiler stuff, so I’ll avoid them. Besides, if you’ve seen it you already know the very best funny bit, and if you don’t know which bit I’m talking about our senses of humor are clearly very very different. :)

In other news, Fred is blowing my socks off with ElectriCity stuff and my revisions are going stupendously well. Possibly so well that tomorrow I’ll actually be able to respond to the ElectriCity stuff. :) Also, I need to send out “Falling”, the next Old Races story, and…do several hundred thousand other things. But now I’m going to bed. G’night. :)

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