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Heaven knows if this is the logo that will stick, but I squee’d like a fangirl when Fred flang this my way. *heart palpitations*! :)

Somebody on Twitter admired the enthusiasm Fred and I were showing for this project, the headlong no-holds-barred gung-ho go-for-itness of it all, which both pleased and bemused me, mostly because in the going-on-twenty years I’ve known Fred that’s always been how I’ve seen him handle projects of any sort, and which is pretty much my, uh, what’s that Latin phrase, not carpe diem, the other one. You know. Uh. *stares at the wall* Oh, hell, you know what I mean, right? MODUS OPERANDI, there we go. Anyway, the Twitter follower liked that there was no evident writerly or creative neuroticism going on in our planning, and we found ourselves assuring him there wasn’t any being hidden in the background, either. There might be some later (like every writer I go through the OH GOD THIS IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN phase, but at this point I recognize it as part of the process), but mostly, no, it’s just idiotic wide-grinning enthusiasm.

I’m still working on the synopsis, around doing revisions. It’ll be a five-act (chapter) play, and depending on how successful the Kickstarter campaign is–because Kickstarter is the only way we can Make This Go (I will talk cash outlay numbers later)–the chapters will be somewhere between 20 and 30 pages. Basically the more successful the campaign, the longer the story. I’ve just finished the third chapter synopsis and the characters and storyline are really starting to fill out nicely. There’s conflict between people I didn’t expect to see it between. There are reveals that even the cleverest of the characters isn’t prepared for–and she’s prepared for just about anything. A whole bunch of the throw-away side ideas for world-building that we talked up are actually going to be really relevant to the development of the storyline. I mean, really, we’re just at the *synopsis* stage and I feel like it’s coming together really nicely. I can hardly stand to wait until we get to the stage of doing *actual* exciting things like auditioning artists, for heaven’s sake!

Did I mention I love my job? :)

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