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I still have a zillion things to blog about, but I’m only giving myself short windows because I have work to do, so today’s topic is revisions. :)

My mother-in-law, blessed be her name, is here to visit, and has very kindly taken Young Indiana on in the mornings so I can go somewhere else to work. Now, my thought had been kind of to go to the Writers Centre, because, well, writers centre. However, as yer man said when I asked what time they opened, “Ten! …well, ten thirty.” Pause. “Eleven to be sure,” I decided that they were not the right place to go for morning work. :)

However, last week our friend Brian brought Indiana and me around to the new Loft Bookshop above the Twisted Pepper cafe. The Loft is run by our friend Rob-who-used-to-work-at-Chapters, and I remembered that hey! The Loft had chairs and tables! So I went in yesterday and asked if I could be their writer in residence for a while, and they delightfully said yes, so I’ve been plunking down there to work for the past couple days.

And it’s been tremendously successful. The revisions are going smashingly. I’ve rewritten all of the chapters I hated and am now quite pleased with them. I might need to add one more scene to one of them, but yeah, much much better. In fact, I’ve reached the point where I really need to print the manuscript out so I can go over it with a pencil and really figure out the last detail work–there’s a lot of it–that needs to be done. And then I need to fully revise the first chapter, but I’m quite certain that’ll be the very last thing I do. Which is not at all how I normally do revisions, but it’s definitely how these revisions need to be done.

So it’s been an utterly splendid week here, between birthdays and getting a lot of good work done and visiting with family and everything.

And now I’m gonna go work more on the ElectriCity synopsis and ask Fred if I can post the SUPERCOOL logo he made. O.O :)

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