kit (mizkit) wrote,

A Trilogy In Three Months

I had this insane idea this morning that it would be fun to write a trilogy in three months. It’s not actually possible, as I would need a good six hours of writing time daily, and I’m doing well to get two, but for a bright shining moment I thought “Wouldn’t it be neat to get that far ahead?” (As it is I’m already trying to figure out if it’s humanly possible to revise ANGLES and write another YA book while my mother-in-law, whose stated interest while in Dublin is babysitting, is here. It’s not. But wishful thinking persists. :))

I have 1 copy of HANDS OF FLAME left to send to somebody, and about eight copies of HOUSE OF CARDS left. If you’d like a signed copy of HoC (and/or the last copy of HoF) for the cost of shipping it/them, leave a comment and I shall contact you with the necessary details!

I need to order a polystyrene head. I think while I’m at it I may helpfully order the couple things I asked for for my birthday. :)

Okay. I thought I had other things to say but I can’t think of them right now, so I’m going to go work. *zoomz*

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