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Wow. I totally killed the yeast in this batch of bread. It didn't rise at *all*. I've never done that before. Go team Kit. :P Guess I get to start /that/ over. :P

I'm supposed to be editing PHOENIX. Instead I'm writing an introduction for ursulav's new art book that ellenmillion is working on. This has, among other things, FORCED me (forced, I tell you) to go tripping merrily through metalandmagic giggling over Ursula's weird mind. :) O, What Hardship. :)

On another topic entirely, I had a small epiphany yesterday. debela explained to me that a hobby is not something you pursue full-bore all the time. That, she said, is a *job*. A hobby is something you do a bit of here and there to enjoy and relax and it was *okay* to not put yourself into it a hundred and ninety percent. Doing six or seven drawings a year constitutes a hobby, for example.

I'm pretty sure that's basically the dictionary definition of a hobby, but somewhere in the last several years I'd gotten the idea that a hobby was something you really dedicated a lot of time to. This may be because my major 'hobby' was writing, and look what happened there. :)

I feel like much less of a loser now. I have plenty of hobbies! Photography! Art! Baking! I could, like, get back into macrame or something! (Don't look at me like that. For some reason I really like macrame. Maybe it's my 1960s reincarnation cropping up. I don't know. I just like it. Of course, there's only so many plant holders you can make.) If I could find a fabric store, I could have sewing as a hobby! (Why does Ireland not have fabric stores? The mind, she boggles.) Who knew there were such freedoms in the world!

You all think I'm a lunatic now, don't you.

Oh well.

miles to Mount Doom: 465.5
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