kit (mizkit) wrote,

cunning plan

My cunning plan to ask Ted to clean the kitchen last night was totally thwarted by him getting stuck at work for an extra hour and a half or more and me not getting home from the movie (which turned out to be “The Way”, not “Labyrinth”, because the latter was unexpectedly sold out when I arrived) until 9:30. So now the kitchen is still the disaster it was yesterday afternoon and I have no will or desire to clean it at all, except not one of the baby’s food dishes or bottles is clean, so I pretty much have to. :p (Yeah, I know. First world problems. Still, it’s my blog, so suck it up.)

thinks to do today:
- answer, or at least read, MORE emails from fred
- work on EASY PICKINGS…
- …or possibly nap. napping sounds a lot better.
- clean the stupid, stupid kitchen
- make dinner
- pushups

I’m avoiding going into town the next couple days, because the Queen is visiting. They have literally cordoned off the entirety of Dublin city centre, and there are cops on corners halfway to my house, which seems a little extreme. This morning while we were out I saw a sign that said “Please arrange extra time travel in case of traffic delays due to the Queen’s visit.”

Dude, if I’d known her visit would permit time travel I would have prepared for this whole thing very differently!

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