kit (mizkit) wrote,


I have an e-reader!

Impressions thus far: heavier than expected, though that’s partially its leather case. Doesn’t have a touch screen. Not certain I think that’s a minus, actually. Page refresh is a bit slower than I might like, but I don’t really know how fast a Sony or Kindle or Nook refreshes, either, so possibly 1-2 seconds is par for the course. It’s also an older model, because I’m cheap and got a refurbished one rather than a new one, so a new one might move faster. Either way I’m going to assume the slowish refresh rate outweighs (as it were) the inconvenience of carrying and storing physical books.

Of course, now I need to find out where I can buy epub and mobi books (or pdf or rtf or whatever, just as long as it’s 1. legal and 2. not DRM). Specifically Kate Elliott’s COLD MAGIC, which I’m dying to read and which has been #1 on my to-buy-when-I-get-an-ereader list since it came out last fall.

Help me, Intarwebs! You’re my only hope!

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