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Today I socialized! And swam! And walked six miles! And went to a movie! And posted the last teaser for the Walker-Yellowrock crossover! (Part one is here and part two is here!) I AM MIGHTY.

Mighty out of condition, anyway. I swam a kilometer and yeesh. Kicked my ass, it did. But I also saw my sister on the way to the pool and she volunteered to sit on Young Indiana a couple mornings a week so I could go swim, so that would be *awesome*.

Coincidentally but appropriately, the movie I went to was “Limitless”, which is about a guy who gets hooked on a drug that (essentially) helps you get your shit together in an incredibly focused way. Like, y’know, when you have one of those rare superhuman days where you get EVERYTHING DONE and THEN SOME? Right, only better than that. The kind of day I would have all the time if I felt I was as disciplined as everybody always says I am.

Of course, withdrawal from the drug is terminal, but I, who have never been even slightly interested in taking drugs in my entire life, would be all over that stuff like white on rice. Just the idea of it, the movie, made me go out feeling like, “YEAH! I can do that! I can learn thirteen languages and get in incredible physical condition and write a book in four days and SEDUCE PEOPLE WITH THE POWER OF MY BRAIN AND ALSO MY EYES WILL GLOW WITH HYPERINTENSE COLOR!”

*clears throat* Was it a good movie? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is it has Bradley Cooper, who is oh so hot even without being supersaturated in color (an effect I am generally fond of anyway), and that I left the theatre feeling jazzed. That’s good enough for me. :)

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