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05 April 2011 @ 10:23 pm
not that i’m doing a chance costume…  

…but if I was, it did occur to me that I already have knee-high black leather boots. They may not be proper Stompy Boots, but they’d certainly do in a pinch. And I did find the necessary color lipstick, for slightly less than the top dollar I was willing to pay for it. By the company that’s making the Wonder Woman makeup line, no less, although the appropriate lipstick is not from that line.

I wonder if I could do this on a reasonable budget. Well, no. A mask, if I did one properly (or rather, had one done for me) would shoot it out of ‘reasonable budget’ range immediately. But the rest of it, I probably could. Although I’ve gone back to the idea of making, not buying, a jersey, because I’d want one properly fitted. The jeans, whatever, but the shirt might need making. Then again, if you don’t account for time, the materials for a jersey probably wouldn’t run anywhere near the cost of a pre-made one. And I can always use a dime store Lone Ranger style mask. It’s what Chance had in the early days. Back when her costume was made of denim, not leather. :) (I know these things. I’m the writer. :))

I should probably make a decision on this by Friday, since if I’m going to do the fundraiser run I should give myself some time to, y’know. Raise funds. :)

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Rachierachie203 on April 6th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Do it! (Says the shameless enabler of all that is fun and entertaining who also happens to love any excuse to wear a brilliant costume). I think it's not at all unreasonable to utilize a less fabulous mask in order to stay within budget if it means you can do this now, as opposed to not having the chance (haha, seriously, pun not intended). Nothing says you can't get a better mask made later (if you still want one, and really, who wouldn't?), and you'll already have the costume! (Or at least enough of a base you can improve on/add to as desired.)