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05 April 2011 @ 10:23 pm
not that i’m doing a chance costume…  

…but if I was, it did occur to me that I already have knee-high black leather boots. They may not be proper Stompy Boots, but they’d certainly do in a pinch. And I did find the necessary color lipstick, for slightly less than the top dollar I was willing to pay for it. By the company that’s making the Wonder Woman makeup line, no less, although the appropriate lipstick is not from that line.

I wonder if I could do this on a reasonable budget. Well, no. A mask, if I did one properly (or rather, had one done for me) would shoot it out of ‘reasonable budget’ range immediately. But the rest of it, I probably could. Although I’ve gone back to the idea of making, not buying, a jersey, because I’d want one properly fitted. The jeans, whatever, but the shirt might need making. Then again, if you don’t account for time, the materials for a jersey probably wouldn’t run anywhere near the cost of a pre-made one. And I can always use a dime store Lone Ranger style mask. It’s what Chance had in the early days. Back when her costume was made of denim, not leather. :) (I know these things. I’m the writer. :))

I should probably make a decision on this by Friday, since if I’m going to do the fundraiser run I should give myself some time to, y’know. Raise funds. :)

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pgwfolcpgwfolc on April 6th, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
Curious: Why would a proper mask shoot you out of "reasonable budget" range? What is a "reasonable budget" for this, anyway?

I've never tried it myself, but it doesn't seem like it should be that bad. Get some stretchy dark blue fabric, cut it out, sew it together, and let the stretchiness do its thing.

People do it all the time. There's all of Cosplay.com which has helpful forums and people who do commissions. Not to mention the superhero costuming forum and I'm sure plenty of others. A quick net search turns up several simple sets of instructions for mask making (like these from instructables.com). There's even stretchy.org which has instructions on how to make a full body suit (including a hood that covers your entire head - which could be cut down into something more Chance-style). It depends on how much work you're willing to put into it (and how close the nearest reasonably-priced fabric store is), but it seems like it should be doable.

And I don't know about how things are over there, but around here you can get a fairly nice trench coat from, say, Burlington Coat Factory for well under $100. Cut the sleeves off and you've got a good start at Chance's cape/coat thing.

Hey, if I, with almost no experience whatsoever (I've done some darning and put on some buttons, and 10 years ago, over the course of several weeks, I made a little bunny with a step-by-step kit), can hand-sew a half-decent stuffed tiger for my nephew from scratch, I'm sure you can make a reasonably good Chance costume.
kitmizkit on April 6th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, under a hundred quid would be good in budget terms. And you're clearly much more practical than I am, because my thoughts immediately leap to the "real" costume and how to make it, not stretchy.org, which is cool. :)

Sadly, the closest decent fabric store is in America.
pgwfolcpgwfolc on April 6th, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, even if I was never able to complete my degree, I'm definitely a mechanical engineer at heart mind. (But I was going for a minor in philosophy. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground...)

The "real" costume would be awesome. So would you training and taking to the streets to bust up street crime while looking fabulous. But we're talking about a costume for a fun run, wherein they seem to count kids wearing Superman T-shirts as costume enough. So, with a sigh of regret... yeah, I put aside thoughts of the a real, custom-fitted bodysuit with all the trimmings and tried to think of what was practically possible.

A hundred quid does sound reasonable. You've already got the boots. You should be able to find a half-decent coat to cut up somewheres, and it's even okay if it already looks a little worn and battered (if anything, it'd add a bit of authenticity). So, really, you just need to make a jersey and a mask. (Oh, and maybe, if you've time and funds left over, pick up some kind of bo staff.)

But I'm not sure how you'd do that without, you know, fabric. How do you get that, then? Europeans must surely make clothing. Some of them are quite famous for it.

In other news, one other person (so far) thinks you should go for it.

Anyway... I've never met you, and it's been ages since Chance's miniseries finished, and I'm still excited about this idea. If I can help make it happen, let me know.
Rachierachie203 on April 6th, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Do it! (Says the shameless enabler of all that is fun and entertaining who also happens to love any excuse to wear a brilliant costume). I think it's not at all unreasonable to utilize a less fabulous mask in order to stay within budget if it means you can do this now, as opposed to not having the chance (haha, seriously, pun not intended). Nothing says you can't get a better mask made later (if you still want one, and really, who wouldn't?), and you'll already have the costume! (Or at least enough of a base you can improve on/add to as desired.)
sueldersuelder on April 6th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Have you thought about painting a mask on with face paint? It's not expensive and is easily washed off.
kitmizkit on April 6th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
Hadn't even crossed my mind, in fact. Good thought!