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If I was going to make a Chance costume, the practical and affordable thing to do would be to get a sleeveless black bike jersey and a pair of (as skinny as my thighs would fit into) skinny black jeans and have my mother festoon them with the electric blue stripes. Perhaps there is a faint chance I could locate stompy boots that would both fit and not cost too much. The hair, well, it appears even the relatively cheap clip-in extensions are still expensive if you shop online, and I’m not brave enough to go into one of the shops on Moore Street alone, for fear I will walk out with half a dozen hair pieces I have no actual need of or want for, so my far too short hair might just have to do (oh, except geekgirlsarah has pointed me at a considerably less expensive site for extensions, hm! still not cheap, but maybe worth it for the fun of doin’ it rite.). Other details like the purple lipstick could presumably be come by relatively easily.

The mask and the coat, though, now, see. They would have to be made. It happens that I dearly want to make the coat, and always have. I mean, no point in creating a comic book character if you can’t dress her the way you’d want to dress if you were a superhero, right? So the coat would have to be made. Black canvas or denim, probably, because who are we kidding: I couldn’t possibly afford to have one in leather, and besides, I’d want a rough draft before I tried the leather one anyway. And the mask, well, it’s possible I’ve just been discussing having a mask made, because OMG it would be cool to have a Chance mask, even just to have it, nevermind for cosplay.

The absolutely critical bit, though, would be doing 50,000 pushups between now and May 8 so I would have arms as Chance-like as I could make them… :)

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