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I had really, truly not intended to write today. My plan was to read two books. But no. No, instead, having arranged lunch with madmiss, and having the first bit of SBX4 chomping at my brain, I thought I'd write a little instead of reading a little, because it's easier to put down a book I'm writing than one I'm reading.

2700 words later the first chapter of SBX4 is done. Well. A first chapter is done. I have learned more about the character, and I like the feel and the mood and a bunch of stuff, but it's possible this isn't the beginning of the story. I think it is. I think it gets into enough action and enough backstory to work, but der agent and der editor will certainly have opinions about it. :)

When it became clear I was going to finish this chapter today, I emailed the above-mentioned worthies and asked if it was ok to turn PHOENIX in on Monday (it's due Saturday, so I was gonna turn it in Friday) so I could just turn in the proposal for SBX4 along with it. I'm reasonably certain that's not going to be a problem, but it *is* a little exasperating that my brain, having had one day of reading, was so willing to charge back into the writing.

I mean, it's good. It'd be good if this continued for, oh, the next two years. Because I have a lot of books to turn in over the next two years. But when I set out to Kick Back and end up writing 2700 words..well, darn it, that's exasperating. :) I *still* intend to read LAST LIGHT OF THE SUN tomorrow, though. I just won't turn the computer on until I'm done with it. (At which point you may all anticipate wailing while I belittle my own abilities as a writer, because reading GGK always does that to me. :) And I _will_ read WORLDWIRED and IRON SUNRISE before the ... month, she said cautiously ... is out.

Email indicates my editor has perhaps not actually done the HEART OF STONE revision notes as I'd understood her to have, which means I might not have those to do in the next two weeks. I'm torn between revising ANGLES and Just Hanging Out and doing Chance stuff. Or writing the proposal for CAULDRON BORNE, not that that's going out for *ages* yet. But it'd be nice to have it done.

ytd wordcount: 139,800
miles to Mount Doom: 464
Tags: writing

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