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Ok. This is all about looking for book titles.

I am not normally a person who has a hard time with book titles. The Strongbox Chronicles, though, are not easy for me to title. I'm now starting the 2nd trilogy of the series, which features a new main character, Carmen Davenport.

Before we go any further, let me encourage you to go read this post, so you have a sense of what I was trying to accomplish with the titles for the first trilogy.

Ok. Now that you've read that, I want to do the same essential thing with the second trilogy. I want a real-world starting point that builds up to a mythical creature. I didn't mean to get this elemental thing going, but I have, so maybe that can be used. Lemme tell you a little about what I know about Carmen. There may be mild series spoilers ahead, so

Her element is earth. She was a soldier in the Iraqi war, injured in battle, came back mentally scarred and essentially fell through the cracks of society. She had an alcohol and drug abuse problem which (we believe) she has overcome as the series starts. She's badly disillusioned the US and considers herself in most ways to be a soldier without a country. She was found, picked up, dusted off, and given a reason to live by characters from the first trilogy, and has now been embroiled in the Sicarii underworld for a few years.

She's very grounded in the physical world. Scent, flavor, touch, are all a big part of what she notices and how she responds to things. I think this trilogy is going to be a little more traditional-romance (which is to say, I see something like a happily ever after at the end of it) than the first trilogy, which may or may not reflect in the trilogy's titles. She acts because someone has given her a mission, not out of any particular personal will to do so. Part of her story will be about growing beyond that.

In personality, she's been polished up, but she's a military grunt. She speaks plainly and prefers action over thinking. I think she actually comes from a good family, possibly a very good family, but has basically rejected them, possibly out of a sense of noblesse oblige that drove her to enlist. She would like to prove herself on her own merits, but perhaps doubts she has any to prove herself on. She's inherently distrustful, having been burned by VA benefits and the government in general. These are the things I know about her right now.

And as far as titles go, right now, I got nothing. I've never had titles for the second and third trilogies of the series. The fourth trilogy I kept throwing around OPERATION: TIMESLIP, OPERATION: MOBIUS and OPERATION: OUROBORUS (which falls out of the elemental thing but keeps with the ordinary to extraordinary. Not that they will *ever* let me use 'ouroborus' in a title, I'm pretty sure. Still. Possibly seeing those will help somebody somehow.)

The same offer stands as last time: if anybody manages to come up with a title we end up using, I'll send you a copy of the books when they're done, as thanks. :)

BTW, drivingblind and cyranocyrano, I owe you copies of the original trilogy, for coming up with titles for me. You want me to send them now (or when I get copies of FIREBIRD, more likely), or wait til the 3rd book is out in December?
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