kit (mizkit) wrote,

okay, I fibbed.

Faith and I are still getting the interview and other goodies sorted out, so I fibbed. Instead of Walker Papers goodies today, you get Dublin Zoo photographs.

First off, apparently the baby gorilla we saw today was BRAND NEW! Born on Sunday! So here’s a 3 day old baby gorilla, so new they don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet!:

I’ll put the rest behind the cut, and you can go check out the full set here, if you want. :)

Tiger says “Yuck”
Tiger Says Ugh

I’m just a sucker for herons.
Heron With Hair in the Wind

I wish I’d been being arty and cool with this, but really I just overexposed what otherwise would’ve been the best picture I’ve ever taken of a robin.
Robin, Bleached

The red panda was awake! The red panda at Fota is never awake, and also hides in the tree, so this was very exciting to me!

There are a surprising number of flowers in common between Alaska and Ireland. Today, for example, I found a fine crop of Alaska’s state flower a-bloom at the Dublin zoo…

And speaking of things in common…

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