kit (mizkit) wrote,

small triumphs

I started the day 800 words behind. I caught up, completed quota, and ended the day 2300 words to the good, for a startling-to-me total of 4100 words, and just over 90K on RAVEN CALLS. I haven’t yet hit the “I have five chapters left” stage, which is normally lurking ’round about now–the conviction that I have five chapters left, and that I will continue to think I have five chapters left, until I suddenly reach the end of the book.

In the meantime, I’m doing a reading from and signing of SPIRIT DANCES on March 31 at Chapters Bookstore in Dublin, at 6:30pm. I have no doubt if you would like me to sign a book for you specially, that if you contact Chapters about doing such a thing, we will be to arrange it. In the meantime, here’s the poster for the event:

(It’s easier to read full-sized. :))

I should probably get new business cards made up. Someday, at least.

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