kit (mizkit) wrote,

crowdfunding vs kindle

So during the course of my crowdfunded events people have asked me why I don’t just write something straight for the e-reader market.

My biggest reason is “because crowdfunding pays me now, and an e-reader market story might not pay me at all.”

It probably would, mind you, but I don’t know how well. Right now with the crowdfunding stuff I’m getting what I’d consider market value for my short stories and novellas–somewhere around $500 for short stories and around $3K for novellas–and that’s an awful damned lot of $.99 or $1.99 downloads.

So the question, as far as I’m concerned, swiftly becomes “Can I do both? Can I crowdfund a project to get it written and pay for my initial investment in the story, and then turn it over to the Kindle (or whatever) as a longer-term money-maker?”

That, of course, depends on what you, the reader, thinks. There is as a rule a much larger initial investment in the crowdfunded projects than there is in waiting for the Kindle (or whatever) version. So I’m wondering what You, The Reader, thinks is a fair return on your investment:

- the sheer and utter glory of knowing you’ve helped permit something that wouldn’t have otherwise been created, be created
- advance access to the story, of course, but how much? a week? a month? three months? six?
- an opportunity to buy a limited edition physical chap book of the story at cost/include the cost of creating such a thing in the crowdfunding donation bottom line?
- other things I’m not thinking of?

Discuss! I’m interested!

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