kit (mizkit) wrote,

thinks to do…

…this morning:
- clean the kitchen
- empty the fridge of all the stuff ruined by the Great Power Outage of 2011
- eye the freezer to try to determine if things were ruined by the GPO2011
- go buy some essentials like milk & baby yogurt to replace the above etc etc etc
- get laundry started

- get a shopping order put in
- buy tickets to Chess
- tidy and ideally vacuum the living room

…in the next 24 hours:
- get books signed, enveloped, and addressed

…in the next 48 hours:
- get books into the mail
- an Elegant Legacy update

…this week:
- catch up on the 6K & counting I’ve fallen behind in writing *whimper*
- go to the Steve McCurry photo exhibition, nevermind that this is about 100% incompatible with the immediate previous goal
- get over this god. damned. cold

…& other things as they occur
- like update jumbletown
- and make bread
- and wash the diaper wraps :p

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