kit (mizkit) wrote,

best frosting ever?

I have just made a frosting billed as the best ever, but I’m afraid I’m underwhelmed. I like my roughshod buttercream better, though I will say it is a very light fluffy icing. It’s just that it tastes to me like something you’d get on a commercial cake, and why anybody would want to replicate that flavor at home is beyond me.

I have put chocolate into the frosting now, which makes it taste slightly less commercial, so that helps, and I have put it all on top of what is billed as the best chocolate sheet cake ever. I tasted the batter. I have made nicer batters. I’ll have a piece of cake for dessert tonight to see how it is, and send the rest to Ted’s work tomorrow (HOORAY for being able to make goodies and get them out of the house!). We shall see. I said with dire imprecations. :)

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