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A short P-Con writeup, because…well, mostly because I’m too sleepy to make a long one. :)

It was a lovely weekend, as P-Con always is. I didn’t make it to the Friday night festivities, but we got there bright and early for Saturday and hung about for a bit before I had my first panel. Ted and I had been talking earlier about Halloween costumes, and about if how I was going to do a Chiana costume maybe he’d do John Crichton or D’argo. Then irishkate walked in wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket with her hair, which has gotten quite long, all loose and wild, and Ted said, “And here we have our Aeryn Sun!” So our Halloween party is starting to take on a Farscape tone. :) Anyway, I was all dolled up in my pin-up costume, and irishkate dashed off to change clothes so she could be Abby from NCIS, and it turned out my week of trying to learn to do things with my hair was of use, because I was able to give Kate a pin-up fringe, ’cause you can’t be Abby without bangs. :) So that was fun, and there must be pictures of us somewhere, because for some reason people kept taking them of us. :)

To our delight, jemck said “To hell with it, I’m going to P-Con anyway!” even though she’d just gotten over pnumonia, so we got to see her, which was entirely wonderful. See, right away I get into “oh and it was so good to see everyone!”, which is easier to remember than panels because my brain is ever so tired. But actually, the panels I managed to attend (and, um, to invite myself onto the panel for) were a lot of fun. One of the things I love about the smaller cons is the ability to have real discussions with the audience, which we got to do on the topics of points of view, sustainable funding models for writers, the future of fantasy, and other good stuff that I can’t remember right now.

Saturday night dinner was at The Merchant’s Arch, which is in the Merchant’s Arch and which was a nice place with a very attentive waitstaff, so that was a lot of fun. Ted and I staggered home and collapsed after that, rather than staying out til all hours, which was probably just as well, as splinister and ianmcdonald, at least, were up until 3am closing out the bar. :) I got to talk to Ian briefly on Sunday, but as ever, not enough time to talk to everybody! Particularly while baby-wrangling, though really, Young Indiana needed very little wrangling. He went up and down and up and down the halls (and the stairs, when we’d let him), *utterly* unconcerned with where his parents were, and largely charmed people left and right. (And then slept 14 hours on Monday.)

Ooh, speaking of him I think I might hear him awakening, so I must wrap up!

Favorite line of the weekend: GoH Ian McDonald evidently lived for a while in a house formerly owned by the Lewis, as in CS, family. “I looked in all the wardrobes,” Ian said a bit wistfully, “but no.”

Also, I have sort of accidentally gotten myself (and possibly Ted) on the committee to work on next year’s P-Con, which caused natural20 to laugh right out loud at me. “In your copious free time!” he said, and laughed. :)

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