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a v. nice day

It has been, thus far, a v. nice day, and heck, I still have *hours* left in which to read another book. :) Ted and I walked down to Cobh to go to the post office and bank, though we were totally thwarted on the second part by the bank being closed when we got there (at 4:25. huh.). I did get some books put in the mail, though! And we stopped and had a piece of apple pie and cheesecake at one of the restaurants, 'cause dinner, which is roasted chicken, was not going to be for a LONG TIME yet. I should go check on that, speaking of which, but in a moment, in a moment.

I used a domain name,, in the Dermody books. Some people've asked me if it's real, and, well, yes, it is real, somebody's got it registered, but nothing's there. So I emailed the contact yesterday to see if he was interested in selling it. Turns out he's a reader of SF and spy thrillers, so he was willing to discuss letting it go for "less than the $1000 he paid for it" if I'd throw in some signed copies of the books. It'll have to be an *awful* lot less than $1K (o.O I presume he bought it off a squatter himself, for a business venture that evidently went under), but if I can get it I think it'd be kinda fun to do some kind of ... thing. With it. :) Something related to the Dermody books.

*laugh* I was talking about those books to debela the other day. Assuming the Bombshell line stays afloat, and they keep wanting to buy books from me...well, the current series I'm working on, the Strongbox Chronicles, are a 12-book series, with 4 trilogies about 4 different heroines. (And maybe a final 13th Chronicle, if that's how wrapping it up works. I'll see.) Then there's another trilogy I'd like to do, though this time it's a series with 3 different heroines and aside from the title of the books/series, I'm not sure how tightly they tie together. And then there's another 10 book series I'd really love to write, about ten different women, one a decade through the 20th century, tied together by a common setting and their speculations about one another. So, y'know. That's 26 books. I could keep doing this forever. (Deborah said, gently, "Kit...isn't that a *career*?" Yes. Yes, it is.) It would, however, be nice to do it perhaps slightly less quickly than I'm doing it now, once this name is well established. :)

(Actually, the first chapter of the 4th Strongbox Chronicle is chomping at the insides of my head to be written, so it's not like I'm exactly suffering from needing to do that proposal...)

Right. Off to check on dinner and read a book. Later, gators. :)
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