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I persist in suspecting other people have secretly Got Their Shit Together, and if I could only, well, get my shit together a little more, I would Be Like Them and that would be admirable. I am, in fact, reasonbly certain that I /have/ my shit together in many remarkable ways, but man, somehow it just doesn’t seem like it. She said as she tried to get the kitchen clean while keeping the baby from eating the buggy wheels and the pieces of paper he seems to attract like moths to a flame.

Vaguely on that note, I am really not very good with hair. I understand that I am not good with hair because I do not practice being good with hair, and that I do not practice being good with hair because I’m not good with it, but man, I’m really not very good with hair. She said, having spent more time the past week trying to achieve a viable pin-up-girl hairstyle than she has ever tried to spend on any hairstyle in her life. Which is, granted, not saying a lot, but still. I don’t know what I’m going to do about Saturday if I can’t manage something. :p

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