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Watched four episodes of La Femme Nikita last night, and the writing/acting is getting considerably more solid as the show goes on. The last episode we watched had me in heart-palpitating nervous agonies over what would happen with the guest star and her relationship with Michael, so I'd say it's all good. *happiness* *geeky happiness* :)

I got out of bed this morning, pulled on a robe and some fuzzy socks, and bobbled downstairs to read Gail Dayton's THE BARBED ROSE and Laura Resnick's DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY. DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY was a fun quick read, and the first urban fantasy I've read in years and been able to enjoy. THE BARBED ROSE was very satisfying and raar, and a perfectly wonderful way to open up the morning. I really want THE ETERNAL ROSE now, 'cause I want to see what happens next!

My plans for the afternoon include taking a shower, walking down into Cobh, mailing books, trundling back home, and reading dancinghorse's SON OF UNMAKING. If there is time, I will also read, um, something else. :) And I may go so far as to induldge in some chocolate somewhere in there, because it is a Day Off.

Dammit, though, this country doesn't have root beer. There are people I would probably be willing to cause physical harm to in order to get myself a Henry Weinharts...
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