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February’s gone, and I am…actually, I’m only about 3500 words behind, which is a hell of a lot better than I expected to be given how much I was sick this month. I’ve gotten copy edits and a short story done, and, er. 25,000 words on the novel, which is actually quite a decent showing. YTD wordcount is in the region of 70K.

Also, I wrote two books this evening.

See, I’ve been looking at Young Indiana’s baby books, and a lot of them are just awful. Poorly rhymed or no rhythm, ideas I dislike (winning is everything, for example), etc, etc, etc. So I’d sort of started noodling down some rhymes of my own to counteract the bad books, and then I got carried away and wrote a counting kisses book and an animal alphabet book, both of which were really quite fun to do. The animal alphabet needs a bit of editing (and is perhaps aimed at Very Clever Children, since it features velociraptors, but c’mon, don’t all 5 year old boys, at least, know what velociraptors are?) but heck, I’d read it to my kid. :)

The obvious thing here is to do this for about a week and then look for a publisher for my broad portfolio of children’s books. :)

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