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I’m watching the Help Nathan Buy Firefly campaign (spawned, if you missed it, by Nathan Fillion saying if he won the lotto the first thing he’d do would be buy back Firefly, make new content, and distribute it via the net) with some bemusement. And fantasy author Pat Rothfuss, who has done impossibly well with his first book and whose publishers apparently expect him to do similarly well with the next (out this week, I gather), has said he’d love to spend his royalties making Firefly happen. Lots of people are happily ordering his books just in case the madness all comes to pass so they can have helped out a bit.

The cynical side, of course, says “Great marketing ploy.” But actually I don’t think that’s what it is. I think Rothfuss is absolutely impassioned and would genuinely go through, given the opportunity. Perhaps I feel this way because that was genuinely how I felt when I launched the “Take A Chance” comic with the announced intention of giving everything I made on the first issue (over costs) to the CBLDF.

Apparently, however, I should have chosen to donate it to a Firefly Resurrection Fund, because then it might have actually sold some copies. *wry look*

Of course, I don’t actually know how many copies sold anyway, because, as you no doubt know by now, I still haven’t seen a red cent from the Dabel Brothers, despite them having been bought out by Dynamite over a year ago with the implication that Dynamite would be covering their bad debts, or at least pursing publication of the properties they’d acquired.

I don’t hold this against Dynamite, although obviously it would be nice to get some closure there. I am a bit resentful WRT the Dabels, but also sort of phlegmatic, because I was thoroughly warned about them. Ted’s feelings on the matter, however…well. We won’t go there.

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