kit (mizkit) wrote,

no pin-up kit

Teh intarwebs do not want me to own pin-up clothes. Paypal won’t let items paid for through it be shipped to Ireland and Pinupgirlclothing horks when I try to log in. Yes, I have credit cards I could use, or American addresses I could use, but part of the idea of the fun here was to be able to wear, say, this to P-Con, and having something shipped somewhere in America and then to me is certain to not get it to me by then. :p (Of course, if I got it, I would have to figure out how to do something with my hair, too, and that’s not a strong point for me…)

In other news, Chess is playing in Dublin at the end of March. I want very much to go see it. I suspect it’s actually probably not very good, but it’s got big hair music and I would so love to play Florence myself….

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