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The other day while I was out working, I saw a Chinese family with an extremely, extremely cute 7 month old boy. His daddy was wearing a flat cap, and the baby was wearing a matching flat cap, and he was SO ADORABLE he made me want to go home and hug my own baby. I related this to Ted, who said, “Was he as cute as Young Indiana?” I said I thought he had been.

“He was probably a Lee, too,” Ted said smugly. :)

Then later, possibly that same day–Young Indiana has this turtle that some of Ted’s coworkers gave him. It’s really pretty cute, and it plays music when you bobble its head and has a bunch of buttons you push to make it make other noises. It does, however, either respond to the shifting of the floorboards or simply randomly make noise if the power’s left on, and I was trying to get Indy to sleep and the damned turtle was in the living room going “wark wark wark” every half minute or so. I said to Ted, “Would you go turn the damned turtle off? It’s in the living room talking to itself.”

Ted went into the living room, turned it off, and came out a moment later to day, “He wasn’t talking to himself. He was talking to Indy’s walrus. They were speaking of cabbages and kings.”

I have a pretty clever husband. :)

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