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So there.

I was off to a depressingly slow start with writing this morning when I got an email notification that J. Peterman had updated its “last chance” department. Among the items with drastically reduced prices were the stunning tiered skirt and the high collared blazer. I declared that if I reached 1200 words by 10am I was damned well going to buy them.

Thirty minutes later, at 9:50am, I had written 850 words, which put me over 1500 for the day, and I damned well bought them. And the blousy shirt that goes with the skirt, which may not look good on me, but it was worth a shot. So there. I have no idea where I’m going to wear the skirt or blouse (besides P-Con, obviously), but I have an unhealthy love for coats and can certainly justify *it*, at least, as something I’ll actually wear pretty regularly. So there.

Also (not to lead the tempted into temptation or anything, but) that fabulous velvet evening gown that would look so good on pers1stence is on sale for a mere $90… ;)

I will now have to sell about 20 more copies of the short stories or Angles to cover my indiscretions, but just this once I DON’T CARE. So there. (Besides, at full price for the same indiscretions I’d have to sell nearly 50 more of them. So THERE!)

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