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The problem I’ve had with revising RIGHT ANGLES TO FAIRYLAND, the classic tropes middle grade/YA fantasy novel I wrote in, whimper, 2002, is that since 2004 people have been paying me to write other things. It is very, very difficult to justify taking time to work on ANGLES when the money is coming in from, y’know, everything else.

It has literally just occurred to me that I should make revising the damned novel one of my crowdfunding projects. Like everything else I do, it would be a limited edition/one time offer sort of thing, because I need to be able to sell it to a traditional publisher and they are still by and large leery of publishing web-published content, but…

Truth is, ANGLES is the best thing I’ve ever written. It may be the best thing I’ll ever write. And that would get it *done*.


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