kit (mizkit) wrote,

My head has shrunk.

I got out another of my Very Fine Hats today and it fell down over my eyes. It was always a little big, but this was “If I didn’t have my glasses on nothing would be supporting this hat except the crown of my head” too big. Apparently my head has shrunk. :)

1/3rd of the way through January and so far I’ve only accomplished one thing on my January Thinks To Do list. That one thing, however, was getting contracts in the mail, so that’s probably good. :) I also have most of the ducks in a row for the portfolio submission, just have to print out the CV and cover letter to get that going, so I can pretend that’s 2 of the 5 work items!

Also, an unexpected bit of work cropped up to interfere with short story writing, and that’s taken care of now, so the remainder of this week’s afternoon writing slot (assuming I get such a thing) will be dedicated to writing an Old Races short story. (You’ve bought in, right?)

In *theory* I will write one short story this week, one next week, and a series proposal the week after that. Would anyone care to guess what order of magnitude I’m off by in that? :)

thinks to do:
- baby group tomorrow
- package up care package
- and book
- and another book
- and probably a third while I’m at it
- and the portfolio! which means
» print cover letter
» print CV
- go to post office

That looks like enough.

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