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05 January 2011 @ 06:33 pm
)#$%& printer  

We have an Epson RX425, which is a 5 year old color laserjet. It should be in more or less perfect condition, because we only had ink for it for about, oh, four months, and the rest of the time it’s mostly been used only as a scanner. But I got new ink for it, and after an exceedingly frustrating couple hours of running color test pages, I finally got all four cartridges to actually print their little wavy lines that indicated yes, they were all functional.

Literally immediately upon managing this, the printer announced it was out of ink and will not print anything at all. Now, not only are they brand-new (and brand-name) cartridges so they shouldn’t be out of ink, if I shake the little fuckers I can hear the ink sloshing around. Shaking, however, does not loosen whatever is causing the printer to think it has no ink. Neither does hitting it, swearing at it, or rebooting it.

Does anybody have *any* goddamned clue what I should try next? Don’t suggest defenestrating, because I’m already pissed off and have no sense of humor left about this.

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deliiriadeliiria on January 5th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
not that it helps you at the moment, but I would recommend junking your inkjet printer and buying a laserjet, especially if you don't print very often. about the only advantage to having an inkjet printer is the ability to print photos... and even then, I think it's less expensive, the quality is better and you have more options for things like finishes and paper type if you order from somewhere online.

on the surface, the toner cartridges are more expensive, but in actuality, they end up being super cheap compared to ink cartridges. we bought a new printer about 2 years ago and we haven't even had to replace the sample-sized toner cartridges that came with it... by this point, we'd have had to replace the ink at least 3 or 4 times, if not more. and even if I haven't printed anything in a month or more, I never have to worry about whether or not the damn ink has dried out - the toner cartridges just print.
anthony_lionanthony_lion on January 5th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)

I haven't had an inkjet I haven't loathed, except the old Canon BJC 10sx, and that was a B/W type.
(The first that was compact, affordable, and did decent prints)

A GOOD colour laser and decent paper can make pretty spectacular prints.
Get the most expensive model you can afford. The cheapest may have carts limited to 1200 or 2000 pages, but 'office models' usualy do 5000 or more pages.
Also, if it's a HP model, makecertain to buy Black toner with an 'X' at the end of the type number, instead of an 'A' as they are double capacity cartridges. But not double the price)
Harold Zablehzatz on January 5th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)

I still have the Konica Minolta color laser printer we bought when preparing my wedding programs, some six years ago. (The previous Epson ink jet printer stopped feeding properly while working on thick paper.) Aside from arguing with the printer on the page counts--and it actually has a mode that lets you keep printing even when it thinks it's out of toner--it's worked fine and printed everything we've needed. Without having to replace toner.