kit (mizkit) wrote,

begin as you mean to go on

Oddly enough, I only ever heard the phrase “begin as you mean to go on” in relation to the new year (or at all) last year, but I kinda liked it. And I have, perhaps not entirely through my own free will, begun as I’d like to go on. Less sugar, more fruit, which is a perennial … “goal” is overstating it. Vague intention. :)

Not so much with the 1K a day that’s the Necessary Goal to get RAVEN CALLS done on time. So far I’m only 1K behind…which would be more reassuring if it wasn’t, y’know, Day Two of the new year. :)

I had no revolutions for 2010, since I figured having 2 books and a baby due was plenty on my plate. I have no particular revolutions for 2011, either, although there are a number of things I’d like to achieve. Most of them, realistically, are work-oriented; odds of me getting much done that’s not work-oriented are very slim, and I accept that.

I *would* like to read more than THIRTEEN BOOKS this year, because holy jeez, talk about an all time low (agh, and now I have that song by The Wanted stuck in my head). I think I read more books than that when I was two. o.O

I would also like to take up studying Spanish and practicing the tin whistle again, but those things may require a schedule I don’t foresee having easily available to me for oh, I don’t know, about five more years. :)

Oh! I do need to start recording my miles to Rivendell again. I’m crediting myself 20 miles a week for the last 5 months of 2010, which is possibly on the shy side–I was doing over thirty when I was counting, but there were a few weeks I hardly got out of the house, so yeah. I just have to find the last number I recorded.

Taking a look at January’s Thinks To Do…

work thinks
- get the contracts out the door
- get the portfolio out the door
- 2 Old Races short stories
- 1 series proposal

social thinks
- baby cinema
- toddler group (except oh. that library is not the library i thought it was. aghglh.)
- weekly hot chocolates with somebody!
- national gallery tour thing
- perhaps sunday gaming
- perhaps other gaming!

exercise thinks
- chase baby around house
- continue to get out of the house
- attempt pilates, if the $%)(*&) shower/water situation ever gets fixed
- try to make it to a couple of Deirdre’s acrobatic yoga classes
- tap class, though it’s not much bloody exercise >.<

Gosh. That all looks like an awful lot, doesn’t it? Welcome to the new year. :)

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