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I have done something phenomeonally stupid with “Year of Miracles”, which is to say, I have not updated the mailing list with the addresses necessary, and gmail usually takes a few days to clear them when you’re adding a bunch at once. So although the damned story has been done for three days I may end up delivering it late, because I’m a *moron*.

So sorry. :P

ETA: Screw it, I’m just going to do half a dozen blind CC mails. Half have now been sent and I should get them all out tonight, baby willing. :p

ETA2: Everybody except email username “mmspila” should have recieved “Year of Miracles” now. Mmspila, your email bounced! Also, there were a few addresses that were like “sales” or “paypal”, and while some of them gave me a different email to send to, others did not, so if you haven’t gotten yours, check that address. :)

Happy New Year, everybody!

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