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and the winnahs are...

kallianeira, with her guess of 375 (1 off from my Ted-chosen number 376) and, oh, hey, madmiss, who lives nearby so I don't even have to ship the book to her muahahahah ahem with 121, which was the closest to my me-chosen number of 128, are the lucky winners of signed copies of THUNDERBIRD FALLS. :) kallianeira, if you'd be so good to email me your address (cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com), I'll do my best to get my act together and send books! :)

In the meantime, 2200ish words so far today, and I'm ready to be done with the book. Ted, who knows me better than I know myself when it comes to my writing habits, said last night, "Don't let wanting to be done stop you from finishing." *laugh* (Yesterday I was chatting with Tammy and when I stopped Ted said, "Who were you talking to?" because he could tell I wasn't writing because I was typing too fast for too long. Several minutes later I was typing just as fast but staring vacantly off to the right, and he said, "Ah, *now* you're writing." (The story, it appears, does not reside on the screen, but very frequently off somewhere to the left or right, or possibly under the cat, or where have you, but not on the screen.) Ted is very good at recognizing this. He also recognizes an idea striking me, and when it's a good one, and when I've just thought of something really diabolical, and all sorts of things. It's pretty funny. *laugh*)

(BTW, Rhonnie: you might have been more successful in your attempt at winning one of the books if you'd actually *guessed a number*, you goofball. I don't see a frog!)
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