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The (possible) 2011 Old Races Project

Okay, so I just hit 20K on “Year of Miracles” and am feeling pretty confident of delivering it on New Year’s Eve. Yay!

What this means to me in terms of traditional publication is that I’m shortly going to have another anchor piece for a collection. Being me, though, I don’t want to propose a collection to any potential editor until I’ve got it at least fifty percent done. Also being me, I know that as much as I might want to, I’m extremely unlikely to write the necessary stories unless I’m in some way getting paid for them.

So this is what I’m thinking of doing: creating a year-long subscription program to a half dozen Old Races stories, with a new story being delivered every other month starting in February. Buy in later in the year and you’ll get all the stories written up to that point all at once, then the rest as they’re delivered to everybody.

I’d set a minimum buy-in for this, either $10 or $15 (I’m tempted to go with $15, simply because that’s the average people seem to pay, but I dunno). Willing to hear thoughts on the topic.

In the longer term, I’d also send print copies to those people who bought into both the short story subscriptions and “Year of Miracles” once I get a traditional publisher for the collection. This is probably not entirely fair to people who didn’t have a chance to buy into “Year of Miracles”. I’m open to suggestion about how to deal with that–I said unless YoM hit novel-length (which right now I don’t think it will) I wouldn’t have a resale opportunity for it, so unless I go back on that, people are kinda screwed on the print copy opportunity. Is that unfair or is it just the way the cookie crumbles?

What do you think, my loyal readers? Is the Old Races Project worth doing?

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