kit (mizkit) wrote,

This is silly.

I have just engaged in the utterly preopsterous behavior of shoveling my front walk free of snow. In Ireland, for heaven’s sake! Happy Snowstice! :)

Really, I’m in a grand mood altogether. The winter solstice is my favorite day of the year (or maybe second favorite, because the summer solstice is really best) because it means the light is starting to come back. I have an entirely splendid family, we are largely prepared for Christmas, for which Ted gets a week off work (! yay!), and, despite having eaten mostly fudge for the past two days, I’ve lost another pound. I am sure this means there’s a valid argument for my diet to be made up primarily of fudge.

I am also suffering from the urge to post the back-of-book-style blurbs for new series ideas that I wrote up for my agent. I will not do this, because if I do you’ll want me to write at least one and possibly all three of the series, which would cost you, let’s see. Somewhere in the region of $150K plus five to six years of waiting time to actually get them all. I am also tempted to write up about six more blurb ideas to send to my agent, but am restraining myself.

Speaking of writing, “Year of Miracles” has passed the nominal halfway point of 15,000 words. I am not at all certain I have reached the halfway point in terms of the story. On one hand, I hope I have. On the other, if it comes out at 40K or more I can declare it a novel by SFWA standards and have another sales run on it, so I’m torn. :) Anyway, with lucky I’ll know by Christmas if I’ve passed the halfway point. :)

Hm. I have to make more marshmallow creme, which means I will have five egg yolks to use up. Oh look! Meta Given’s has a 5 egg yolk chocolate pudding recipe! Yay! <3

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