kit (mizkit) wrote,

wikipedia meme

Gakked from dancinghorse and nwhyte, among others. I think I've done this before, so I tried to pick ones I didn't know about. :)

Go to Wikipedia ( Type in your birth date (but not year). List three events that happened on your birthday. List two important birthdays and one interesting death. Post this in your journal.

1495 - Friar John Cor records the first known batch of scotch whisky.
1533 - Henry VIII of England's new wife, Anne Boleyn, is crowned as queen.
1909 - The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition world's fair opens in Seattle, Washington, United States.

1563 - Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, English statesman and spymaster (d. 1612)
1801 - Brigham Young, Mormon church leader and American western settler (d. 1877)

1968 - Helen Keller, American humanitarian (b. 1880)
Tags: memes, procrastinating

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