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black hole

Once more my blogging efforts have fallen into a deep black hole. This time it is the Black Hole of Vaccination Sickness, Head Colds and Revisions, which are not, if you’re interested, a combination I recommend.

The revisions, actually, are quite mild. (The head cold less so, and the Vaccination Sickness not at all, although it was at least mercifully brief.) I am performing what suricattus refers to as a commaectomy. Also a semi-colonectomy and a long-sentencesectomy. But both the editor and the agent gave me what are essentially line edits, which is a far cry from the last set of revisions in this series (“please throw out a third of the book and rewrite the rest”), so, y’know, that’s grand so. I’m halfway through the book. I’d hoped to finish tomorrow, but somehow I don’t think the second half is going to take 3 hours when the first half has taken 12-15. :)

Our Irish Anniversary Party went off nicely on Saturday last. Given the weather, more people than I expected showed up, and it was lovely to see them all! Possibly we will have a pre-Mardi Gras party next, the Thursday before P-Con. Consider yourself warned.

I have made chocolate mousse with leftover whipped cream from the party. With, as it turns out, far less whipped cream than I expected; I thought it was the major component, when it turns out it’s really significantly about the egg whites, too, so I still have to figure out something to do with another cup of cream. Soon. Anyway, the texture is very nice but I couldn’t tell you about the flavor, because while I can tell it tastes like chocolate, it doesn’t taste very strongly of it. Nothing is tasting very strongly right now. I made stew earlier, and when I sat down for dinner, thought, with genuine dismay, that it was the least flavorful stew I’d ever made. Then I remembered I had a cold and was less worried about it. :)

I have an unusually large number of bananas with which I must make stuff. I’ve already made banana muffins. I’m out of eggs thanks to the mousse, so I can’t make the banana bread tomorrow I’d planned to, and since it is suddenly coming up on the weekend I may have to wait until Sunday night to make the banana cake so it can then be sent to Ted’s work so I won’t eat it all. The bananas, which are of an age to make perfect banana bread, probably need to go in the freezer if I’m going to be delaying baking them any longer. Hrm.

The other day I needed bus fare because I had a 2 euro coin and it’s only 1.15 to get home. In an attempt to get the correct bus fare, I bought 1 lottery ticket (3 euro) and 3 candy bars (2.45).

My mother and sister thought this was inordinantly funny. :)

Anyway, I needed the bus fare because I’d been off at an eye appointment, the first one since we moved to Ireland. My vision hasn’t changed, but I got new contacts. They make contacts out of silicon now, who knew? And actually the ones I’ve gotten are quite amazing. They’re like not having contacts at all. Can’t feel them at *all*. That must be what seeing is like. Of course, I keep forgetting to wear them, but that’s okay, I can’t while I’m working anyway, so they’ll last a really long time. Which is why I hadn’t had an eye appointment in 5+ years….

While taking a nap the other day (a different other day; I have noticed that as I get older “the other day” can mean “twenty years ago”, but this was more recent than that) I had dreams about not getting enough sleep. I couldn’t remember things, either, like whether our former roommate still lived with us. (He hasn’t for five years.) I need more sleep. And so what am I doing? Writing a blog post.

But now I am going to bed.

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