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How To Write Magical Words

So while I was off having a baby, the people at Magical Words, the writing blog I used to be a part of, did something cool.

Editor and writer Edmund Schubert (best known to long-time readers of this blog as the guy who threw himself through a hedge to greet me) put together a writing how-to book gleaned from the posts my fellow bloggers and I had done. It’s called HOW TO WRITE MAGICAL WORDS, and it is frankly awesome.

Seriously, that sounds all tooting our own horn (and it is), but the only thing I had to do with it at all was page proofs for my essays, so I hardly have a horse in this race. I did, though, end up skimming through everybody’s essays and information, and holy crap, we have some really, really good advice in there. I mean, really truly good stuff. Things that I wished I’d known when I was getting started. Things that are still insanely useful to learn now. I mean, like, I have a copy of this book and I want a copy of this book. That’s how awesome it is.

HOW TO WRITE MAGICAL WORDS is now available for pre-order through the publishers, and *believe* me, the writer in your life wants a copy. Plus, if you order it now, the publisher will ship it to you for a nickel, so the total cost of the book, including shipping, is $18.00 even.

They believe orders placed now *should* get to you by Christmas, and if not by Christmas by New Year’s at the latest, and what better gift for a writer than some brilliant and inspiring advice to usher in the new year and all those resolutions with? :)

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