kit (mizkit) wrote,

creeping december

December crept up on me. I was sure, somehow, that I had about a week of November left (stupid late Thanksgiving), and now what I have is a crapload of stuff that more or less literally needed to be finished yesterday. Which means I can’t go to baby cinema, which sucks, because I really wanted to see the movie this week. :p

Still, I was all gung-ho on getting things done. December was going to be a month of great accomplishments! Finish the AAs! Finish the collection (the last story is giving me fits)! Finish WAYFINDER revisions! Finish the novella (unless I have not reached the halfway point by mid-December, in which case it will be a novel and may require a short extension)! Finish the coat! Throw a party! Lose weight! Make fudge! Nevermind that those last two things are incompatible! I WILL TRIUMPH!

Then the baby headbutted my upper lip and I smashed my elbow on his crib while trying to convince him it was nap time, and now my gung has hoed. :p

On a much less whingy note, though, happy birthday to my half-twin, gows! <3

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