kit (mizkit) wrote,

caught on camera

Hey! The guy with the film camera posted his protest coverage on YouTube, so me, my sister, my brother in law, and a few of their friends, are caught yelling protest slogans in the first few minutes of Saturday’s rally. Deirdre’s in the red and black hat with the ear flaps, her husband Gavin’s beside her in the flat cap, I’m in the red beret, at about 1:02 in the video. I said, moments later, to the guy beside me, “These people aren’t much for yelling, are they?”

“No,” he said rather cheerfully, “if you yell, they think you’re some kind of leftist weirdo.”

“Oh, well,” said I, and we both shrugged and grinned in pleased acknowledgment of being leftist weirdos, and went on shouting. :)

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