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Another cat exploded kind of day, which I really didn't think I'd have, since I goofed around being cheerful so much this morning. But in the end, I hit 5300 words for the day, broke 300 pages, and am at 70,600 words on the book. That's 3 chapters left, according to the wordcount, and that sounds just about right for how much story I've got left. Two or three chapters and the epilogue. If we don't go into Cork tomorrow, I might finish tomorrow. If we do, it'll probably be Saturday. There's sure something to say for staying home tomorrow and finishing up, so I can have a real two day weekend, but at the same time, I've written, um. Ah. What a nice tidy number. 19,990 words since Sunday. A day off would be nice.

So, of course, would be finishing the book.

ytd wordcount: 130,400
Tags: writing

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