kit (mizkit) wrote,

break it down, kit

Finished up another story for the Old Races collection this morning. I really only need to write one more in terms of wordcount, but people looked all hopeful at the idea of a story about Rebecca Knight (Margrit’s mom) and Eliseo Daisani, so I’ll probably write that one too. :)

The thinks to do list is not getting any shorter, but there’s at least one item on it that needs breaking down so I get it/done/, so that’s going to be my focus for the day.

thinks to do breakdown:
- see how many portfolio copies I have, which means
» dig ‘em all up
- write a cover letter
- determine the appropriate editors
» and personalize the cover letters
- make sure the CV is updated
- get sturdy envelopes for submission
- send portfolio out

See, isn’t it much easier when you break it all down? :)

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